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The Wellbeing and Pastoral Care of our students are of the utmost importance to all of us at Padua College. We recognise that when students have a healthy concept of self, can identify and regulate their emotions/thoughts and are resilient, their learning outcomes increase.

A key feature in building student connectedness and resilience is through the eXcel program. eXcel workshops are held fortnightly on Tuesday mornings with homeroom teachers.

“eXcel is a program run to help students’ well-being. On Tuesday mornings we gather as a homeroom and discuss how to better cope with stress, emotions, social well-being, and so on. eXcel is a great opportunity to form connections with your homeroom teacher, and other peers in your homeroom and in your House.

Overall eXcel is a really good way for teachers to monitor each student’s wellbeing. eXcel benefits students by providing an environment for healthy conversation without judgment, improving students social skills, coping with peer influence and so much more.” Emily, Year 9

Enable, Connect, Engage & Learn

Our eXcel program is central to facilitating the whole school approach to a sense of wellbeing for our students.

eXcel affirms our College’s ongoing commitment to supporting rich, deep and varied learning experiences for our students, so that they may develop as optimistic, resilient young people of faith, ready to be effective members of the community, contributing to and enriching the world around them.

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