New College Structure, Educational Plan and Buildings Master Plan

Padua College is undergoing significant changes to better meet the future educational challenges and needs of its students.

With student engagement the key priority, the College has increased its curriculum offerings by re-structuring its campuses and constructing a Year 10-12 contemporary learning centre with collaborative learning spaces.

Stage One of the Buildings Master Plan commenced in 2017 and the new Whyte Senior Learning Centre has been built to accommodate the Year 10-12 Senior Program. Our Year 10 students now have the opportunity to complete a three-year VCE or three-year VCAL Program, with far more options to accelerate learning in their area of interest.

The introduction of a Year 7 and 8 Integrated Learning Program with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) is designed to encourage independent and engaged learning through problem solving and enquiry-based learning. These skills are further developed by our new Aspire9 Program, launched in 2018, which delivers a diverse range of learning experiences that build on the self-efficacy of our Year 9 students.

These developments are designed to ensure that Padua College provides a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum, characterised by excellent teaching that encourages every student to fulfil their potential.

Buildings Master Plan

Stage 1 - Whyte Senior Learning Centre

This is a contemporary learning facility dedicated to our students in Year 10, 11 and 12. Building commenced in 2018 and was officially opened in 2019.

Stage 2 - Padua Performing Arts Hub

Commencing late 2020 this modern multi-purpose building designed by Baldasso Cortese, will not only benefit our dynamic Performing Arts Department but also the wider local community.


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