Padua College uniform is supplied by Dobsons. Visit an onsite Dobson's store at our Mornington or Rosebud Campus or simply order uniform items online using the link above.

Changes to Opening Hours this week

Please note that the uniform shop at Rosebud will be closed on Thursday 18 August due to Year 6 interviews.

Our Mornington uniform shop will be closed Friday 19 August due to student free day.

Second-hand Uniform Items

Dobsons wish to advise that their second-hand system is currently down at present. Customers are encouraged to lodge their second hand uniform via in the interim.
The cost of lodgements on this site is as follows:
Casual Membership: $3 for 3 lodgements (for 12 months)
Family Membership: $15 for unlimited lodgements (for 12 months).

Dobson’s apologise for the inconvenience and will endeavour to provide an update as soon as possible.

Sports Uniform

    In recent years the PE uniform has seen the welcome addition of a number of items. Please note the following items that are currently being phased out and their replacements:

    Blue Polar Fleece JumperSoft-shell Jacket or New Rugby Top
    White Polo T-Shirt with Navy ColarBlue Sports Polo T-Shirt

    Winter Uniform

    Summer Uniform

    Sports Uniform

    If you are planning to visit the Mornington Uniform Shop at school drop off or pick up time, it is acceptable to enter and park inside Gate 2 with your student. Please refer to green spaces on map provided.

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