2021 School Fees & Fee Policy

Building on Our Mission and Our Vision was the development of our Educational Strategic Plan and College Masterplan. These incorporated the adoption of exciting, new programs and the restructure of the Campuses in order to best meet future educational challenges and the needs of our students.

This has led to Padua College offering:

  • More extension opportunities for Year 10 students with access to Year 11 & 12 subject offerings and pathways;
  • “Aspire9” - a distinctive and specifically targeted Year 9 Program to maximise student engagement;
  • An integrated vertical Year 7 & 8 Curriculum with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM);
  • The construction of the Whyte Senior Learning Centre which was opened in 2019;
  • The continued implementation of the College Masterplan, with new facilities now under construction including the multipurpose courts at Mornington Campus, and the Performing Arts Centre which will benefit all students, scheduled to commence construction early in 2021;
  • Curriculum offerings and pedagogy that equips students with the social, entrepreneurial and life skills needed to have a positive impact on the world in which they live.

Members of the Padua College Board have spent much time deliberating the 2021 budget, including setting the fees for 2021. In considering all factors, including the financial impact COVID-19 has had on a number of our families, the Board has determined a 2% increase for 2021 school fees.

David Lawn
Director of Business

School Fees 2021

Year LevelTuition FeeComposite FeeTotal Fees

A Composite Fee incorporates the following fees and charges.

  • Subject Levies
  • Student Infrastructure and Technology
  • Camps, Retreats and Excursions
  • Year 9 Aspire Program

No reductions are available for the Composite Fee.

Other optional Programs available to students not included in the Tuition Fee are:

  • VET (Vocational Education and Training) will be charged on the 2021 Fee statement
  • Instrumental Music Lessons
  • Music Festival and Drama Performance Tickets
  • Overseas Excursions
  • Outdoor Education

- Year 10 $425.00 per semester

- Year 11 $850.00 per year

- Year 12 $850.00 per year

Sibling Discount

  • 2nd Child 10% of Tuition Fee
  • 3rd Child 20% of Tuition Fee
  • 4th Child 40% of Tuition Fee
  • 5th Child 50% of Tuition Fee

Exchange Students

Padua College encourages the Exchange Student Program.

Overseas students who elect to attend the College under this scheme will be expected to pay the Composite Fee for the period concerned in addition to supplying their own uniform, textbooks and electronic devices. Any extra-curricular activities and transport charges will also be the responsibility of the host family.

It is expected that the upfront payment of the pro-rata Composite Fee is settled upon enrolment of any exchange student.

Students from the College embarking on an Exchange Program will not be charged full fees for the period of exchange. Their place at the College will be guaranteed on their return, conditional on the period of exchange not exceeding twelve months.

Fee Relief

Fee Relief is available to assist families who are experiencing financial hardship and have a current Health Care Card or Pension Card. 

Consideration will only be given to those completing an Application for Concessional Fees form along with required documentary evidence. This form is required to be completed every year even if you were a prior recipient of relief.

Forms are available from the accounts department at the beginning of the year and must be submitted by Monday 1st March, 2021.

Those families with outstanding fees from previous years may not be eligible for concession.

For information regarding Financial Assistance (CSEF) and the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) provided by the Victorian State Government, please access these documents:

Refund Policy - Notice of Withdrawal

A full terms notice in writing must be given to the Principal when withdrawing your child/children from the College, subsequently one full term fees (i.e. One quarter of the annual tuition fee) may be charged.

Absence for Prolonged Periods of Time

Special arrangements will be determined on an individual basis, following consultation with the Business Manager. Any outstanding fees that exist at the commencement of the absence are expected to be paid in full prior to leaving.

If you have any fee enquiries please email fees@padua.vic.edu.au

Terms of Payment

Padua College offers multiple options for the payment of fees:

A lump sum payment of total fees is due by Monday 1st March, 2021. All fees received in full on or before this date will receive a $270.00 discount per student.

Other Instalment Options
We will charge all fees to your account by Friday 11th December, 2020 and email this account to you.

You can pay this in four ways:

4 Term payments due and payable on the Friday prior to next term beginning:

  • Term 1 due Friday 29th January, 2021
  • Term 2 due Friday 16th April, 2021
  • Term 3 due Friday 9th July, 2021
  • Term 4 due Friday 1st October, 2021

10 Monthly payments to start on Tuesday 9th February and due on Tuesday 9th November
20 Fortnightly payments to start on Friday 5th February and due on Friday 29th October
40 Weekly payments to commence on Friday 5th February and due on Friday 5th November

For information purposes, statements will be sent to each family on a monthly basis regardless of the payment method chosen (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly).

Payment Methods

A variety of payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash
  • Cheque or Money Order
  • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • Direct Debit to Bank Account
  • BPAY: Please see your statement for biller code and reference number

For a Direct Debit / Credit Card Authority Form, please access the below document:

Unpaid School Fees

Parents/Guardians are responsible for payment of all fees. In all cases, signatories to the enrolment forms will be held responsible for the payment of fees.

The school reserves the right to refuse access to extracurricular activities to students whose fees are in arrears.

In cases where there has been substantial non-compliance with the Colleges terms of payment, the College may impose special conditions upon payment of your account.

The following steps will be taken in relation to the collection of unpaid school fees: 

  1. For those who fail to keep up with their commitments, the matter will be brought to your attention promptly and responses sought. Where fees are in arrears, the full balance becomes due and payable.
  2. Follow-up on a personal basis by phone call, email, text message or appointment will follow if there is no response. This follow-up will be conducted by an appropriate person in a sensitive, discreet and confidential matter.
  3. If this fails, a formal letter from the school will be sent to remind parents of their obligation. This letter will include an invitation to discuss the matter with the Business Manager and a specified timeframe for a response. 
  4. If this course of action is not successful, the school may decide to send a letter seeking payment and outlining the possible actions, including legal action that may occur if payment is not received within the specified timeframe. 
  5. If the above still does not resolve fee payment then, the school may seek the services of a debt collector or issue a letter through a solicitor.
  6. Further proceedings in accordance with our College Debt Collection Policy and Procedures may be initiated. 


Any concerns or queries about payment of fees and charges may be discussed in confidence with the Accounts department or the Business Manager.

Account queries may also be directed to fees@padua.vic.edu.au

Please note: Your ongoing obligations, financial and otherwise are accepted at the time of enrolment. Please contact the Accounts Department or Business Manager for further information on these matters.

Please note: Your ongoing obligations, financial and otherwise are accepted at the time of enrolment. Please contact the Accounts Department or Business Manager for further information on these matters.

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