College Improvement Team

Mr Anthony Banks
College Principal

BBus Ballarat, DipEd Melb, GDipEd Student Welfare Melb, MEd Melb

Kelly McGurn

Senior Vice-Principal, Learning and Teaching

Marjorie Canal

Vice-Principal, Staff

Sam Wright

Vice-Principal, Students

Matthew Williams

Vice-Principal, Mission, Identity and Community

David Lawn

Director of Business

Michael Hoye

Director of Finance

Curtis Stone

Vice-Principal, Head of Mornington Year 10-12

Stephen Veneris

Deputy Principal, Head of Mornington Year 7-9

Jim Baird

Co-Director of Rosebud Campus

Phil Helisma

Co-Director of Rosebud Campus

Rob Knight

Co-Director of Tyabb Campus

Tina Lunny

Co-Director of Tyabb Campus

Carolyn Cockerham

Principal's Personal Assistant

College Leadership Structure 

The College Leadership Structure outlines the current structure so that you know key staff to contact in the following:

College Leadership Structure 2021

  1. College Improvement team (CIT)
  2. Mornington Senior 10-12 Campus and Mornington Junior 7-9 Campus
  3. Rosebud and Tyabb 7-9 Campuses
  4. Faith Sphere
  5. Learning and Teaching Sphere
  6. Wellbeing Sphere
  7. Leadership & Management Sphere
  8. Finances & Resources Sphere

'Chain of Contact' for Current Padua Parents

Your child’s Homeroom Teacher is usually your first contact for any concerns regarding your child. Please feel free to contact the Homeroom Teacher via email or telephone the relevant campus for an appointment.

If you have a concern that is subject related, please contact the necessary staff member in the following order:

  • Subject Teacher
  • Homeroom Teacher
  • House Co-ordinator
  • Relevant Campus Learning and Pedagogy Leader
  • Deputy Principal - Head of 7 - 9 Campus, or Director of Campus
  • Vice Principal - Learning & Teaching
  • Principal

Please consult the College Leadership Structure to check on specific names.

College Leadership Structure 2021


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