Padua College is a Catholic school community that works in partnership with the Catholic Parishes and Primary Schools on the Mornington Peninsula. We provide a holistic education based on the life and teachings of Jesus and the collective wisdom of the Church.

At Padua College, we believe that education is more than simply acquiring knowledge and developing skills.

By aspiring to holistic education, we also encourage students to:

  • grow emotionally so that they know themselves and how they relate to others;
  • grow morally so that they make good decisions in their lives;
  • grow spiritually so that they find a deeper meaning in what they do.

As a Catholic school, we present Jesus as the ultimate role model to follow for all students. For students who are searching for a deeper spiritual connection in their lives, we encourage a more personal encounter with God through the person of Jesus.

To learn a little about our sacred space located on the Mornington Campus, the College Chapel of St Francis of Assisi, please take this virtual tour:

For those families who would like to know more about the Catholic faith, the following websites will provide useful insights into what it is to be Catholic.

The Catholic Enquiry Centre has a range of information about the Catholic faith and the structures of the Church.

The Australian Catholic Bishops have a site that contains an overview of the Church in Australia and a range of resources.

Padua College
Padua College

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