Faith & Social Justice

Our Students’ Faith Journey

The College encourages all our students to reflect on their own faith within the context of our Catholic school community. This is more than simply a classroom Religious Education program. Students and the wider community are engaged in masses, liturgies and other opportunities for prayer at different times throughout the year. The Opening Mass is always a highlight of the College calendar. Students also participate in reflection days and retreats during their time at the College. The Year 12 Retreat is a significant event as it encourages students at the beginning of their final year to take some time to reflect on their relationships with their families, friends, community and their God, as well as their goals for the year and how these fit into the future pathways they are planning.

Social Justice

Our Social Justice program is another significant part of the faith journey of our students. It takes up the challenges of the College Mission Statement to ‘show compassion for those in need’ and ‘work for a just and peaceful world’. The program seeks to be of practical support for many in our world who are experiencing difficulties and disadvantages, but it also intends to educate our students into a life of considering and helping others and challenging injustice where they find it.

Each of our houses supports a Social Justice Project in Australia or overseas, and all students are encouraged to actively engage in learning about the needs of their project and to plan activities, including fund-raising, to respond to those needs. Each House Social Justice Project connects specifically to the Mercy, Franciscan, Australian Church or Modern Church charism of their house cluster.

The college supports Caritas Australia and St Vinnies in projects across the college, and each house has a Social Justice Project related to their House cluster. These are:

Modern Church (Green) Houses – a range of organisations in Timor-Leste

Franciscan (Gold) Houses – Catholic EarthCare

Australian Church (Red) Houses – Indigenous Education

Mercy (Blue) Houses - McAuley House Women’s Refuge

Padua College Fundraising and Social Justice Policy

Padua College

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