Padua College prides itself on a long sporting tradition and students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of team sports and cultural opportunities whilst at school. From interhouse rally days and carnivals to traditional interschool competitions, there are a multitude of sporting opportunities for students to explore and excel in whilst at Padua College.

Interhouse Sports

Interhouse carnivals for swimming, cross country, and athletics take place in terms 1-3 where student participation and House spirit are encouraged and celebrated.

Interschools Sports

Padua College is a member of the Southern Independent Schools (SIS) association, which provides sporting competitions in swimming, cross country, athletics, football and a wide range of other weekly sports for students for their 20 respective member schools. While competitive sport is non-compulsory, students are encouraged to participate, have fun, and represent the College with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship by their coaches and mentors. Most training and competitions take place during school hours but there are some events that take place outside of school hours, such as swimming and cross-country camps that are held annually along with early morning, swimming squad training programs and running clubs.

Read more about SIS and the weekly sports offerings here.

Padua College is also represented in state events in the following sports:

  • Victorian Schools Triathlon Championships
  • Victorian State Junior Surfing Competition
  • National School Aerobics Championships
  • All Schools Netball Championships
  • Human Powered Vehicle
  • Equestrian
  • State Gymnastics Competition
  • Sailing


Padua College offers an array of performance opportunities for students. Be it music, drama, dance or any other chance to show off what we do, you’ll always find Padua students performing somewhere to our very supportive performing arts community. When not on a stage, you’ll catch our students performing in our Padua Performance Studio designed for live-streamed and recorded performances.


Throughout the College, we offer over fifty opportunities each year for music students to perform live. These include major concerts at our St Clare Performing Arts Centre, small soirees, Padua Day celebrations, lunchtime shows, assemblies and a myriad of smaller performances. The College has over 30 bands and ensembles in every style imaginable. From rap to jazz to classical, there is always something going on!


Every two years Padua presents a wonderful musical production. Although the standard of the production is high, every student who auditions gets a part. The cast regularly exceeds 150 students. In alternating years, we present a senior play through the Theatre Studies class. Each year our students have an opportunity to show their dramatic and production skills at many showcases, performances and events.

Drama - Padua CollegeDrama - Padua College


Our dance students regularly participate in concerts and performances as well as making a vital contribution to the College production.

Dance - Padua CollegeDance - Padua College


Padua College offers its students a plethora of other extracurricular cultural activities that include SIS-hosted debating, chess, and a Teen Chef competition. Students are also invited to represent the College in science fairs, DAV debating, the annual Frayne Public Speaking Competition, art clubs and a host of other external events.

Padua CollegePadua CollegePadua CollegePadua College


The College has an active Sustainability ‘Green Team’ and is a member of the ResourceSmart Schools 5 Star Sustainability Program. The team is responsible for conducting regular waste audits, action plans, awareness campaigns and improved waste management at the College. It works closely with local organisations and government departments to help improve the environment through Peninsula beach clean-ups and tree-planting days, implementing environmentally positive changes on campus from recycling and composting to improved printing systems, while helping ensure a sustainable future in which we will all benefit.

Padua CollegePadua CollegePadua College
Padua College

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