House System

In keeping with the College philosophy of developing the whole person in an environment of community and service, the House System operates from Year 7 to Year 12. It is designed to develop and encourage a sense of belonging. The House System promotes the charism of the House Patron as an example for the students to follow and reflect in their own lives.

  • Each House has a Co-ordinator who is responsible for the overall development of each individual student's sense of belonging, loyalty and spirit in his/her House.
  • Each House is made up of several homeroom groups.
  • Siblings are in the same House, but in separate homerooms.
  • The homeroom teacher cares for the members of their homeroom and, as much as possible, the same homeroom teacher will remain with the students throughout their enrolment at Padua College. Students remain in the same homeroom group from Year 7 to Year 9.
  • The Year 10-12 Senior Campus homerooms consist of approximately 24 students who meet together every morning.
  • House Feast Days are celebrated throughout the year and House assemblies give students an opportunity to gather together to foster House spirit.

YEARS 7 - 9

The 7-9 Campuses consists of 16 houses; eight at Mornington, and four each at Rosebud and Tyabb.

YEARS 10 - 12

The Senior Campus consists of eight Houses.

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