Our College North Star invites us all to recognise and utilise our unique God-given talents to enable us to be the best version of ourselves, and to achieve our very best, so that we can ultimately have a positive impact on the world. We congratulate the following VCE students who were presented DUX of Subject Awards at the Year 12 Final Assembly on Monday 16 October 202 in recognition of their excellent results in their respective subject fields.

2023 DUX of Subject Awards

Accounting - Conor Kingston
Agriculture and Horticulture Studies - Shelby Legh
Applied Computing: Software Development - Fraser Torrington
Art Creative Practice - Penny Cameron
Art in the Spirit - Jessica Whitehouse
Biology - Tahlia Connor
Business Management - Chiara Saporito
Catholic Action Program - Mackenzie Dornom
Chemistry - Alex Glover
Drama - Lilah Jenkins
Economics - Conor Kingston
English - Bethany Passmore
English Language - Justin Pollock
Food Studies - Claudia Camilleri
Geography - Jake Simmons
Global Politics - Flynn Goerlitz
Health and Human Development - Reese Fischer
History: Revolutions - Max Lowe
Italian - Bethany Passmore
Legal Studies - Eliza Colles
Literature - Sasha Van Der Linden
Maths: Foundation Mathematics - Max Mirabella
Maths: General Mathematics - Bethany Passmore
Maths: Mathematics Methods - Alex Glover
Maths: Specialist Mathematics - Alex Glover
Media - Annabel Billing
Media in the Spirit - Colleen Duyvestyn
Music in the Spirit - Lilah Jenkins
Music Contemporary Performance - Samuel Westworth
Music Repertoire Performance - Moth Ye
Outdoor and Environmental Studies - Shannon Tuffy
Peace and Justice - Rohan Donaldson
Philosophy - Eliza Colles
Physical Education - Reese Fischer
Physics - Alex Glover
Product Design and Technology - Fashion Jess Sidwell
Product Design and Technology - Wood Jessica Whitehouse
Psychology - Laura Kemp
Systems Engineering - Justin Pollock
Visual Communication Design - Kya Leppitsch
VET Animal Studies - Shelby Legh
VET Building and Construction - Jesse Williams
VET Music - Amelia Craigie
VET Sport and Recreation - Candace Walker
VM Literacy - Oliver Burke
VM Numeracy - Remy Wood
VM Personal Development Skills - Hayley Cross
VM Structured Workplace Learning - Jesse Williams
VM Work Related Skills - Oliver Burke

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