Padua teachers support students to connect by knowing their students and building quality relationships that support student engagement and learning confidence. They ensure that students’ cultural and social backgrounds, needs and abilities are respected in the classroom. Padua teachers also incorporate social and emotional learning to support the growth of a self-regulated learner.

Positive relationships with students, colleagues, families and community are essential for learning and wellbeing

  • Padua teachers create and maintain positive partnerships with all key stakeholders and uphold Catholic beliefs and values
  • Padua teachers incorporate the use of local resources to allow for local context and experiential education

Knowing students as learners enriches teaching and learning

  • Metacognitive strategies are explicitly taught to support the development of self-aware learners
  • Teachers know each student and apply this knowledge to focus on the growth of the whole person

Learning connects with the student and beyond the classroom

  • Students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a range of mediums to deepen the learning experience
  • Student data is analyzed to inform curriculum planning, teaching and feedback
  • Padua teachers map the curriculum to ensure learning outcomes connect with the student, their local and global contexts
  • Students and parents are provided with effective feedback that outlines achievement, progress and recommendations for growth

"For where two or three meet in my name, I am there among them."  Matthew 18:20
Padua College

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