VCE Curriculum Guide

Principal’s Message for 2020
I would like to extend to you my very best wishes as you consider your study options for Years 11 and 12 at Padua College.

This Curriculum Guide is designed to assist you in choosing your course of studies for this final stage in your secondary education and to provide you with the necessary information and practical advice to make the transition to post compulsory education with confidence.

We can confidently offer you wonderful opportunities at Padua College. I encourage you to embrace these opportunities so as to develop your potential in all facets of your life, in spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social aspects.

Padua College can be proud of its facilities, excellent teachers and caring support staff members who are committed to helping you achieve your goals. The invitation is extended to you to commit to what is offered in your senior years of study so you may take your place in this society with a view to showing respect for all and contributing to the mission of the wider Catholic Church and to your community. Not only will your involvement bring you a sense of personal fulfilment, but the College will also be enriched by the interest and effort that you invest in the College community.

I wish you the very best in your course selection and every success in your studies, whether they be aimed at completing your Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or your Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). With an enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to personal achievement, I am sure that your senior years will be successful and fulfilling.

Mr Anthony Banks


Choosing a Year 11 and 12 VCE Course of studies
Satisfactory Completion of the VCE Certificate
Acceleration in VCE
Process Overview
VCE Acronyms      

Religious Education overview
Ethics – 1 VCE Unit of Study
Texts & Traditions – 2 VCE Units
Religion & Society 3/4 - 2 VCE Units of Study
Peace & Justice – Non VCE Study
Catholic Action Program – Non VCE Study
Faith and Life – Non VCE Study
Music in the Spirit – Non VCE Study
Arts in the Spirit - Non VCE Study
Creation of the Environment - Non VCE Study
Media in the Spirit - Non VCE Study
Faith and Science - Non VCE Study

English Language – Unit 1 & 2 
Agriculture and Horticulture
Animal Studies - VET
Building and Construction – VET
Business Management
Dance - VET
Food Studies 
Global Politics                 
Health and Human Development  
Legal Studies  
Mathematics overview
General Mathematics & Further Mathematics
Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics
Media Studies   
Music Performance  
Certificate III in Music - VCE VET Music (scored unit)   
Outdoor and Environmental Studies  
Physical Education
Product Design and Technology (Fashion Design) 
Product Design and Technology (Wood)
Sport and Recreation (VET)
Studio Arts
Systems Engineering
Theatre Studies
Visual Communications Design
Vocational Education And Training (VET)

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