We congratulate Year 12 students Luke Bouwmeester, Ella Hennessy, Jack Maliszewski, Emma Simmonds and Polly Hutchins whose works have been selected for the VCAA Season of Excellence 2023 Top Screen and Top Designs Awards.

The VCE Season of Excellence is a festival showcasing outstanding senior secondary student work from Victorian schools. As part of this, the annual Top Designs exhibition at Melbourne Museum specifically features the selected works of students who completed VCE Media, Product Design and Technology, Systems Engineering, Theatre Studies and Visual Communication Design.

Please scroll down to view the work of these talented students.


VCE Media student Ella Hennessy, created a beautiful stop motion animation film, titled 'Bloom'. The claymation film delves into the emotions of grief and loneliness after losing someone close and proposes that there is always love and support from sometimes unexpected sources.


Jack Maliszewski's Japanese Manga-style, action graphic novel 'Trying Again' explores the themes of self-escapism and media censorship. The novel, created in the style of Japanese Manga shounen genre, tells a fictional story centred around action, adventure and excitement.

Read it here!

Luke Bouwmeester

Systems Engineering

Under Mr Paul Barton, Systems Engineering student Luke Bouwmeester has designed and built a solar tracking parabolic mirror that concentrates solar heat toward a focal point for high-efficiency heating. Utilising CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC processes, Luke produced a fully functioning and accurate sun-tracking system that has been designed for ease of upgradeability and servicing.

Emma Simmonds


Visual Communication Design (VCD) student Emma Simmonds created an independent magazine ‘Evergreen Wander’ and a range of promotional postcards. Evergreen Wander is focused on fun, inspirational articles which explore art, nature, travel and food, and the postcards celebrate the unique aesthetic and imagery of artists, illustrators, and designers.

Polly Hutchins

Studio Arts

The art of Ms Vicki McFarlane's Year 11 student, Polly Hutchins, experiments with the cycles found in everyday life through architectural photography. In her work ‘Terminus’, Polly took a series of edited digital photos of bus stops around the Mornington Peninsula to explore the theme of ‘Madness in Mundane’, a focus on what simplicity can do to the mind.

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