Wellbeing at Padua

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller, 1986

Who are we?

The Wellbeing Team (WBT) at Padua College includes Pastoral Associate, Mo Cromar; Deputy Principal – Pastoral and Wellbeing, Sally Buick and experienced psychologists: Team Leader Prue Wheeler, together with Jane Fletcher, Jan Schleiger, Olivia Beale, Arlene Diston, Di Summers and Madeline Armstrong.  Photos of most of our team are below - more photos of newer staff will go up in 2019!

We are based over the College’s three Campuses and our combined positions cover all five days of the week.

Parents and Students talk to us for many reasons...

  • Finding that worrying is taking over, and/or have lost confidence
  • Tired of feeling sad and low
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Schoolwork may be overwhelming, or feeling under strain
  • Relationships with family or friends are not going well
  • Having lost something or someone important
  • Life looks OK on the outside; it feels like something’s missing or not quite right on the inside

Young people often have multiple pressures facing them at once, particularly with the ‘instant-ness’ of technology that surrounds them. We know that the most powerful antidote to suicide, violence and drug abuse is the sense of belonging people have in their lives. Counselling is a chance to strengthen and reinforce a sense of connectedness to the adults in their lives including parents and school staff.Counselling can promote one’s resilience and wellbeing and help students refocus their lives and discover what is important to them and move from “surviving” to “thriving.”

Home and school work hard in this journey together. We listen, support, encourage and guide our young people with creativity; a sense of humour; sometimes challenging them and establishing a great connection and trust but always looking for students’ strength and talents.

More information

If you explore the Padua College website under the Padua Community tab for links to a wide range of parenting information such as information on Cyber Safety; Occupational Health & Safety; Parenting Ideas; School Policies; Homework Help; Bus Information and a Drug and Alcohol Safety Resource Guide.

Best wishes
The Padua WBT


Staff Members

  • Mo Cromar (photo to come)
    Pastoral Associate

  • Prue Wheeler 
    Psychologist & Team Leader
  • Jane Fletcher
  • Jan Schleiger

  • Olivia Beale
    Student Counsellor

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