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This edition of Careers News has a wealth of information for Year 12 students with VTAC details, links to events, Open Day dates and pathways opportunities. Our Padua College Careers website has all the information with links.

Year 12

VTAC service is available now for Year 12 students wishing to apply for Tertiary study in 2021. Students are advised to check their emails from us for these important details and follow the instructions to set up their account with VTAC. This is where course preferences for 2022 can be added and applications made for SEAS and Scholarships. Preferences can easily be altered or added to until 14 December. A recorded presentation explaining the VTAC application process is now available to assist with each step is also available on the Padua Careers website.

All applicants require a USI (unique student identifier) to register. If you cannot find your number, you can go to Find my USI. If you do not have one you can go to Get a USI.

Year 12 students who need any assistance with this process, are more than welcome to make contact with their Careers Team Member for their House and Google meets can be arranged or an onsite meeting at school. Students can find information about courses: Course search.

Specific details from each University Information is available with course guides, websites, scholarships, and early entry schemes.

It is important to check prerequisite subjects (these are a subject that a student must have studied) and take note of the compulsory study scores needed to be considered for an offer into a particular course. It is also essential to check your course applications through VTAC to see if there are any additional requirements which must be completed to ensure you are eligible for the course. This will involve things like: personal statements, folios, auditions, pre-selection kits or the CASPER test.

You will not be offered a position in the course if these specific tasks are not completed or met, regardless of your ATAR.

Courses with early closing dates (fine arts, music medicine at Monash or Melbourne Universities) are listed here. Some of these have due dates coming up in September, October or November 2021. Check carefully and be sure to meet these deadlines.

The dates for CASper Testing for enrolment in Education / Teaching courses are August 13 -10am, September 17 -10am, October 13 -11am, November 14 -1pm. Students need to register and complete one test on one of these specific dates.

Early Entry Programs

Early entry programs are being offered by several universities including Federation, RMIT, ACU, Swinburne and La Trobe. They often require you to discuss your involvement in the community, leadership experience, and other criteria and applications are open now. Please check the website for each institution for all the details, as these dates are closing soon.

Summary of SEAS Categories for Year 12 students

Category 1: Personal information and location and all students are automatically considered for this category.

Category 2: Disadvantaged financial background (Centrelink, CRN evidence required)

Category 3: Disability or medical condition (supporting statements required)

Category 4: Difficult circumstances. eg: disruption to living situation, affected by illness or death of relative/friend, natural disaster, refugee status, higher impact of COVID-19 remote learning ( beyond the base level which will be automatically given to all Year 12s) (supporting statements required)

Scholarships provide financial support to help students with the costs of tertiary education. Scholarships are not only for high achievers. Find out about the various types of scholarships available and we suggest you make scholarship applications – both in VTAC and offerings directly with the universities.

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways has information about apprenticeships, career pathways and aptitude tests. For support and advice: More Information

Key VTAC application dates for 2021 for Year 12 students

Applications open for courses, SEAS, and scholarships


Timely course applications close

30 September 2021 (5pm)

SEAS and Scholarships applications close

8 October 2021 (5pm)

VTAC Personal Statement and supporting documentation

3 December 2021 (5pm)

VCE Results and ATAR

13 December 2021 (7am)

Change of preference close

14 December 2021 (4pm)

Offer Rounds

20 December 2021

14 January 2022

1 February 2022

Open Days at Universities

Don’t miss out on visiting “Open Days” virtually this year with the exciting online events being held now. On-campus Open Day events are postponed due to the uncertainty around COVID restrictions this year. Year 10, 11 and 12 students are encouraged to register and attend some of these sessions to explore the offerings.

Please take note of events below that are relevant to you and register to attend: OPEN DAYS

Chisholm TAFE

Chisholm has many courses on offer, including a wide range of FREE courses available to study: Study at Chisholm

Padua College Careers

If you would like assistance, please get in touch with the Careers Team for any advice or questions, and check out the Padua Careers website. We are able to support you with job information, apprenticeship opportunities, work placements, Open Day dates, TAFE courses, University courses, VTAC applications, SEAS applications and more!

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