2017 VCE Study Scores

Our high achieving VCE Students of 2017 were invited to attend the 2018 Opening Assembly held Tuesday 27 February to be congratulated on their outstanding results. 

Congratulations to the following students who received ATAR scores greater than 90:
Natasha Albers                 97.90
Elizabeth Gordon            97.55
Nicole Corteza                  97.05
Danielle Attwood            96.70
Brianna Dillon                  95.50
Sean Cummins                 94.50
Callen Goldsmith            93.50
Michael Conti                    93.50
Tara Dakin                          91.65
Riana McKenzie               91.10
Andrew Mikkelson          91.05
Zachary Marshman        90.90
Aria Kirwan                        90.65
Nicholas Ford                   90.40

With many universities commencing in the final week of February, several students were unable to attend as they embarked on their new academic endeavours.In total, 36 students received scores above 80 which accounted for 14% of our VCE students and a total of 76 students (30%) attained an ATAR above 70. Natasha Albers, College Dux of 2017 (ATAR 97.90) and a College Captain, shared her experience and offered advice on effective study strategies and habits. Her full speech is available via the PDF on this page.

Natasha Albers

We wish to congratulate the following, many of whom were Year 11 students, who achieved a study score of 40+:

Study scores are assigned out of 50. They are the standardised scores of each particular subject.

A study score of 23-37 indicates the student is in the middle range while a score above 37 indicates that the student is in the top 15% of the cohort taking that particular study.


Kelly McGurn
Vice Principal – Learning & Teaching