Deputy Principal's Report

A lighthouse offers more than light. It is a guide always giving direction.

What do a dinner table and a lighthouse have in common? A dinner table like a lighthouse can be a metaphor for the years that await our students. Both provide a sanctuary; the lighthouse for showing the right directions and pathways, and the dinner table provides the sustenance and knowledge that is consumed and used to develop knowledge in mind, body and spirit.  Padua intends to compliment your dinner table with a lighthouse of holistic learning. In a world that changes almost daily and is often dominated by many varied global and domestic influences, the Padua lighthouse and your family dinner table will together provide a banquet of discussion and stability. We hope during 2018 your dinner table is a feast of topical discussion.

Every classroom is a distinct learning environment. One indicator that has remained rock solid over the decades is the connection between the teacher and the student. If this relationship is positive, students will progress and add value to their learning. Of course this cannot be the total responsibility of the teacher; teenagers also need to commit. Positive relationships are unequivocally the cornerstone of teaching and learning. This relationship was very obvious at last night’s Twilight Open Evening with families visiting our campus not only to look over facilities but, more importantly, to meet and engage with our teaching staff. 


Science Masterclass

Last week we welcomed primary students from our Lady of Fatima, Rosebud for a Science Masterclass. The class were led by our Science Learning Assistant Leader Mrs Mott with support from the Year 10 Applied Learning Class to analyse the chemistry of soap through exposure to hot and cold water. Students had to follow a step-by-step process (method, testing, questions) to achieve their findings. The program includes students attending four afterschool Masterclass sessions at Padua along with a Parent Evening and the A Science in the Lab Program. 


The Sounds of Music

The College band visited Padua Rosebud last week to showcase the opportunities that Year 7 students can experience if they wish to explore music. The band played an array of musical genres as a lead up to the Year 7 Instrumental Evening. Padua has a very strong musical faculty and our students have ample ways of sharing their musical skills and playing to audiences. The College band also comprises former Padua Rosebud students, which is a reflection of the quality of teaching and guidance our students receive from Miss Fusco and our music tutors. 


Open Evening

There were many families who visited Padua Rosebud on Wednesday evening to find out about a Catholic secondary education. There were displays, talks, opportunities to meet and chat with teachers, outdoor performances and tour groups led by our Campus student leaders. Making a choice on what school is best for your son or daughter is an important decision. A Catholic holistic education importantly prepares young people for life, not only for the 'here and now'.


The Lenten Countdown!

Our campus began the Season of Lent on Ash Wednesday with:

“Welcome to Ash Wednesday 10 to 7. Lent leading into Easter Week is a wonderful time of our Church Year. May your Lent be a time of commitment to a cause and kindness shown to others.”

Our students have been reminded daily of Mr O’Halloran’s challenge to our Padua Rosebud community as in the closing of the Ash Wednesday liturgy:

For Lent……………………………….Just show some kindness to someone.

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