Student Achievements: All Schools Triathlon Championships

The inaugural All Schools Triathlon Championships was held at Elwood on Sunday 4 March with 860 students competing from almost entirely Independent and Catholic schools. Some of these schools have well-established triathlon teams that compete in the summer triathlon season in Melbourne. This was Padua’s first entry into the sport.  Padua was represented by a Junior Girls Team: Steph Petropoulos (Year 8 Mannix - swim), Sophie Sutton (Year 8 Mannix - bike) and Jordan Moore (Year 8 Mannix - run) and three Intermediate competitors: Harry Ross (Year 10 Romero), Logan Carvosso (Year 10 Romero) and Amber Kirkbride (Year 10 Assisi). We’re thrilled to announce that Amber won her event, becoming the Intermediate Girls Champion! Congratulations to all the students who competed and represented Padua College so successfully.

Amber Kirkbride after finishing in 1st place.

Sophie Sutton, Steph Petropoulos and Jordan Moore sharing the team medal.

Harry Ross and Logan Carvosso after All Schools Triathlon.