Deputy Principal's Report

A Critical Time of the Term for Tyabb Students

Term one of 2018 is rolling along at a fast pace. With a couple of shortened weeks to come before Holy Thursday closes out the term, staff and students are busy with classes and assessments. Interim Reports will be available through the Parent Access Module by the end of term and parent/teacher interviews will follow early in Term two.

Week six is always a critical time of the term for students as they meet the course demands presented to them. Work habits are generally formed by now, classes are more predictable as teachers get to know their students and expectations for work completion are detailed. It is essential that the communication between home and school remains clear and that students understand their role in this part of their learning. Asking for assistance when necessary is a sign of maturity as a learner, and teachers are always willing to assist students who are engaging closely with their learning.

Students at Tyabb are extremely familiar with Google Classroom. This example of contemporary pedagogy ensures that students are able to access resources and assessment items both at school and remotely via their device. The evolution of technology use in and out of the classroom is having a profound effect on learning and teaching in the modern age. However, some things do not change. Being on time to class with all of the necessary materials, being attentive while in class, asking for help as needed and completing any set homework ahead of the next class ensures a growth mindset towards school work is maintained. Every student is capable of this and the mindset is nurtured through discussions at home about what is happening at school.

Year 8-10 students know these routines well by now and should also be ensuring that their additional activities, including sporting and work commitments are balanced with healthy eating and sleeping routines. Year 7 students are shining this term and are in the throes of preparing for their camp in Week 8. Hopefully the weather will remain warm and dry while the campers enjoy the excellent facilities and environment of Healesville.

Paul Fairlie
Deputy Principal | Head of Tyabb Campus​