Padua College Opening Mass

Each year one of the highlights of a jam-packed term one is the Padua College Opening Mass, and in our 120th Anniversary year the mass last week was a wonderful celebration of both the year to come and the past history of our College. The reflection after communion, sung by the students from our Year 12 Music in the Spirit class and others in the whole college choir, was “Standing on the Shoulders” and included this verse:

I am standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me.

I am stronger for their courage; I am wiser for their words.

I am lifted by their longing for a fair and brighter future.

I am grateful for their vision, for their toiling on this earth.

This is very much how we feel as a school community this year as we give thanks for the gifts that so many have given to our College, from the earliest Mercy Sisters beginning a school from nothing, to those who have been part of our more recent history, and all those in between. Guests from that recent history were central to the mass, and we thank them all for giving their time to come and celebrate with us.

It is humbling to have the chance to reflect on our own small part of this history as students, staff and families, and we treasure the opportunity to join our own life journey to this wonderful story.

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community