Oxfam 50 kilometers Trail Walk

Four of our Tyabb Campus teaching staff - Kellie Spicer, Chelsea Holmes, Nicole Love and Bree Colcott - have come together to form the Walkie Chalkies, a fine team of walkers ready to tackle the Oxfam 50km trail walk on Saturday 24 March.

To help raise funds they organised a screening of the film 'Embrace' which was held at the Tyabb Campus on Thursday 22 February. This is a brilliant documentary on how we see our bodies and sense of self worth, and very thought provoking. The film was aimed at our Year  9-10 girls and their mothers, and it certainly was well received by those who attended.

These young women put a lot of work into the evening providing mouth watering treats and drinks  to help raise those much needed funds for the Oxfam organisation. They are hoping to raise $2,000.

We wish them well for the walk.

Mary Cameron
Padua College Pastoral Associate