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SIS Weekly Sport

It has been great to see numerous Padua students taking up the many sporting opportunities offered so far this term.

The Intermediate and Senior SIS teams have been representing the College in a variety of sports including Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Handball and Indoor Cricket.

Many thanks to the staff who volunteer their time to organise and coach the teams from week to week.


Mornington Interhouse Swim Carnival

Over 700 Padua students represented their Houses in the Interhouse Swimming Carnival at the Pines Pool, Frankston.

Numerous heats, BIG SWIMS, novelty events, exciting finals and the waterslide all led to two successful (fun-filled) days. The Year 7 & 8's were fantastic... and they were so much noisier than the Intermediate/Senior students... or am I just getting older!!

Congratulations to CHISHOLM AND MERCY on your victories.


Mornington Junior Campus                                

1st Chisholm 766

2nd Mannix 712

3rd Romero 706

4th Sebastian 651

5th Clare 609

6th Frayne 589

7th Assisi 565

8th Kolbe 347

Mornington Senior Campus

1st Mercy 218

2nd MacKillop 154

3rd JohnXXIII 148

4th Francis 138

Once again, many thanks for all the hard working staff and parents in making both carnivals a success. 


Swim Camp 

Over 65 students from all Padua Campuses attended the four-day Swim Camp, which ran Sunday 4 March until Wednesday 7 March. This provides a great opportunity for our swimmers to undertake an intensive period of training leading up to the major carnivals.

This year’s carnivals are:

* Friday 16 March SIS Relay Carnival at Pines Pool (5pm - 7pm)

* Thursday 22 March Inter Campus Carnival at Pines Pool (4pm - 5.30pm)

* Thursday 19 April SIS Championships (MSAC - 10am-1.30pm)

* Monday 7 May All Schools Carnival (MSAC - 4pm)

(Students who win their SIS events only are eligible.)

Emilio Di Paolo
SIS Sports Co-ordinator | Mornington