Senior Boys SIS Soccer

Following a devastating loss, our senior boys SIS soccer team looked forward to redeeming themselves against St Peters College East last week. The team were short a couple of players, which allowed plenty more opportunity for others and saw Jimmy Tuncay take goalie position as he’d forgotten his boots. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as he saved goal after goal when the team came under fire in the first half. Luke Gammaldi, Jai Power-Reeves and Micky Walker provided great support by stifling the opposition’s attack and clearing the ball out of their forward half. 

With a 0-0 score at half time, our team’s continuous defence proved to wear St Peters down with plenty of attacking opportunities opening up in the second half. As time ticked away, play seemed to drift further in our team’s favour. The likes of Joey Nurrish combined with the fancy footwork of Campbell Steedman saw an array of shots on goal, but none making it past St Peter’s goalie.

It looked to be a ‘nil all’ draw with ninety seconds left on the clock. As the senior students piled out to lunch to watch the final moments of the game, they witnessed a booming boot out of the defensive half landing in the company of Jake Saunders who crossed the ball over to Tommy Faska, who dribbled it closely down the sideline.  With roughly 15 seconds left, curious onlookers rose to their feet as Tommy Faska found himself within striking distance. He swung his left boot across the outside of the ball and everyone watched it sail around the defender, up and over the goal keeper, to land safely into the top back corner of the net. The spectators invaded the pitch and the team swarmed Tommy Faska who led Padua to a 1-0 victory.

Joshua Newman