Tyabb Swimming Sports

Pines Pool Frankston was host to yet another Padua Swimming Carnival on Friday 23 February. This time it saw Cardijn, Doyle, Geoghegan and McCormack join forces to compete for the Swimming Sports Shield.

The weather was excellent with a few small, passing showers on top of an overcast 30 degrees.

There was lots of great competition in the pool with some fantastic swims taking place throughout the day. Students also participated in novelty events such as the Big Swim for each year level as well as an inaugural house noodle relay involving all year levels.

The overall tally saw Doyle house win for the 5th year in a row with the following point scores:

1st           Doyle                    790

2nd          McCormack        561

3rd           Cardijn                  520

4th           Geoghegan        321

Thank you to all of the Tyabb staff who came along and helped make the day such a huge success for all of our students.

Nicole Love
Sport Coordinator