Emails at Padua

Staff at Padua College are committed to enhancing communication with parents in order to create relationships between home and school that support our work in helping our students ‘do their best’. Some circumstances determine that communication be face-to-face or via the telephone, however another tool we have at our disposal is email.

Staff, students and parents are encouraged to use email, when appropriate, as a timely and efficient means of communication. In recognising this the College remains committed to ensuring that staff have a fulfilling and sensible work-life balance. In order to achieve this, the College does not expect staff to respond to emails outside of traditional working hours. Our request is that, where possible, staff respond to parent and/or student emails within 24 hours during the working week. Sometimes this is not achievable, in particular if staff are absent from work or are on College activities such as camps. If parents need a situation to be addressed quickly then we recommend a phone call be placed to the relevant Homeroom teacher, House Co-ordinator or other appropriate staff member.

Sally Buick
Vice Principal