Deputy Principal's Report

“From little things big things grow.”   -    Paul Kelly

Hearts and Minds

Paul Kelly needs no introduction. His famous song, ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ was written about the struggle for equality and justice, a struggle that continues for many minorities across the globe.  Perhaps Kelly is Australia’s answer to Neil Young, both of whom have that innate ability to touch the nerve of our social order. Year 10 are currently learning about Catholic Social Justice in a unit titled, 'Caring for our Community'. Our students are being challenged to think outside of their immediate circles of influence and consider the questions that make decision making for the common good seemingly still difficult to achieve, even though we live in the modern and prosperous 21st century.

Our lives are often changed and influenced not so much by the bigger events of history, as history will always mark its time with big events. Our lives are often changed and influenced by small acts of kindness and/or through the wisdom of a single person who interrupts our daily routines to awaken us to what is possible if people join together for a cause. The Padua Rosebud Dignity Donation box (initiated by Year 9 girls) and the annual Teresa House Easter Raffle are both just causes that remind all on our campus that there will always be someone less fortunate than us. The truism, that it is in giving that we truly receive is a common language on our campus. Both these worthwhile causes remind us that Social Justice is an active justice and from these two rather inconspicuous boxes much bigger things will grow, especially in the hearts and minds of teenagers who will be the world’s future decision makers.  

The Donation Boxes

Thank you to Mrs Goldsmid and Teresa House for actively living the mission of Saint Teresa of Calcutta by raising funds through the Easter raffle for The Bercoli School in Timor Leste.  The Easter Raffle will also support Caritas Australia and the Royal Children’s Good Friday Appeal. Please support the Teresa House Raffle.

The Dignity Donation will provide toiletries for women who live in hostels. A powerful way of making a difference in the lives of others. Social Justice is alive and well at Padua Rosebud. Please do your best to support both of these important Social Justice initiatives.


Our New Staff

All have hit the road (classroom) running and are valued additions to our campus staff.  Their professionalism and commitment to the students is a blessing to observe. Our students are very lucky to have these wonderful educators walking by their side. Teaching is a vocation, a word that can at times be used without understanding its true meaning. A vocation in teaching can sometimes change a life, especially when a student is empowered to take control of their learning and by doing so realises that no mountain is too hard to climb. Blessings and thank you to our new staff.

Year 7 Camp

Wilson Promontory is not a bad place to enjoy three days of natural wilderness by participating in various group and team-building activities. The camp is set at the right time of term, as Year 7’s are becoming more confident (if not already) in forming new relationships. The camp provides the students with as wonderful experience and often there are surprises – students who may not shine as much at school may shine on camp and by doing so, self-confidence grows as does the admiration and realisation from their peers that everyone has gifts to offer. Mr Helisma has done another mighty job in organising an experience that is challenging, positive and pastoral. I also thank the staff who give up time away from their families to ensure the students connect and build on their new House charism. There would have been anxious students and perhaps some anxious parents, but the camp also builds resilience and shows students that they can do it!

Uniform Detention

Thank you to the students who, with no fuss nor bother, got in and did the hard yards of detention. Rubbish was collected and desks cleaned. The hour passed quickly. I would prefer not to see any student on uniform detention, which is very ‘do-able’.  Thank you to parents for supporting our stand on uniform. The College policy cannot be decided by an individual student’s preference for what they wear or how they wish to wear the college uniform. A strong stance and pastoral understanding are both required for the common good of all students.

College Assembly and Opening Mass

Year 7 will be welcomed in their House clusters next Tuesday at the full College Assembly. The Opening Mass will ask for God’s blessing on the new school year and especially on our new student leaders who have been voted by their peers to lead their respective campuses.


Carpe Diem to Teresa House. They certainly did seize the day at the Swimming Carnival in week two.


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