Trocaire Award Winners

The Trocaire (pronounced Trocara) Award, seeks to recognise students who exhibit a willingness to work in the spirit of their House for other members of the Padua College community or for the broader community in general.  The word Trocaire is taken from the Irish and means compassion.  Nominations for these awards come from students directly to House Co‑ordinators. We congratulate the following Trocaire award winners:


Nirmal Vijay

Year 10 Teresa


Alexia Green

Year 10 Teresa

For their fantastic leadership and willingness to be involved in all aspects of Teresa House. 


Tate Ascott

Year 10 Doyle

For showing initiative in relation to her duties as House Sports Captain.

Go Doyle bring home the Blue Flag from the Swimming Carnival.


Harrison Paulberg

Year 12 MacKillop

For his willingness to be an active and involved member of the House and recently appointed House Captain. 


Will Read

Year 8 Romero 

For his excellent start to the school year, helping peers and working independently in class.


Kirra Struthers

Year 10 McCormack

Congratulations on being  selected to be part of a representative netball team that went to England over the school holidays.


Elyse Hyland

Year 12 John XXIII

For her care and support of her peers.


Christian Geitenbeek

Year 10 Kolbe

 For being a good “buddy” to new Year 7 students in Homeroom and "going out of his way to help out".


(No picture available)

Angus Ross

Year 7 Chisholm

He has made an excellent start to the year.  Always participates and has a positive attitude. 

He has gone out of his way to help other members of his class, particularly other Yr 7 students.  He has also been the student who asks the questions that perhaps another student if afraid to ask. 

He is friendly, engaging and has genuinely tried to get to know all other Chisholm students in his class.


Nathaniel Miller


Kodie Hemingway

For the amazing leadership they displayed on the Year 7 camp.