Deputy Principal's Report

Tyabb Students Make Smooth Transitions

It is early days in the school year of 2018 but at our Tyabb Campus, all indications are that the students have made smooth transitions to their new year levels. House Co-ordinators, under the leadership of our Student Wellbeing and Growth Co-ordinator, Mrs Natalie Beattie, along with the Learning Enhancement team and Homeroom teachers have all been busily ensuring that the pastoral needs are met for the young people of the campus.

The Year 7 students have begun the term extremely well. They are quickly acclimatising to their new school environment, getting to know teaching staff and learning the systems that operate in secondary school. It was wonderful to have so many parents attend the House Welcome Evening where acquaintances were made and important connections between home and school established. This year we have several students who have moved to Padua Tyabb from other schools, some from within Victoria and others from interstate, including as far away as Townsville.

Getting to know the idiosyncrasies of school systems, making new friends and adapting to a new environment is difficult. Padua prides itself on making transitions for students as smooth as possible and at Tyabb we have excellent counselling support available for all students. Sarah Ives is a Psychologist who works at Tyabb every Monday and Tuesday. Olivia Beale, who is at Tyabb every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, is a Social Worker who specialises in working with adolescents. Mary Cameron is the College Pastoral Associate and we are fortunate to have Mary working with Padua students and their families.

Thank you to all for supporting the focus on the proper wearing of the College uniform. The students have responded very positively to the directions from staff and it is important that the current high standards of dress are maintained. Students have been reminded to lock their phones away during the school day so as to minimise the distraction of texting and accessing social media or listening to music without approval from a staff member. It is imperative that students understand the reasons for the expectations pertaining to the use of phones at school and respond accordingly.

The Tyabb House Swimming Carnival is on Friday, February 23. This is one of the great days on the Term one calendar and an opportunity for all students to participate in friendly competition. The tradition of excellence in swimming at Padua is long standing and in 2018 the College is pursuing its 31st consecutive SIS title. Our top swimmers will be identified in the coming weeks and we are hoping for another success for the College.

Paul Fairlie
Deputy Principal | Head of Tyabb Campus​