AFL Players visit Tyabb

On Thursday 8 February, Padua Tyabb were lucky enough to have two Melbourne Football Players attend the campus.

There was a distinct buzz in the air as I walked down to meet the players at the front office with numerous students approaching me to ask who the players were and if they would be able to have a kick or a photo with them.

We were lucky enough to host Michael Hibbard (a local ex-Somerville player) and Sam Frost.

Both players happily walked out to our oval and had a kick of the football with interested students - they also posed for photos with other fascinated students.

After lunch was over, the players met with the Year 10 students of the Tyabb Campus and told them about the steps that they took to get where they are today. Michael and Sam both had very different pathways into the AFL and it was interesting to listen to how they both achieved their goals through two very individual directions.

Michael and Sam spoke about goal setting and how this is an important strategy in life as well as having a strong mind set. They also highlighted the importance of mental health and spoke about how they attend regular appointments with a team of Psychologists.

Michael’s speech also focused on perseverance (to get where he is today) and resilience – in particular, his ability to bounce back when he was not selected to play AFL in the first couple of years.

The students asked some great questions (and got some excellent photos and autographs!) and a lot was taken away from listening to the players tell us a little bit about their lives in the spotlight.

Nicole Love
Sport Coordinator