VET Building and Construction

At Padua College we have doubled our enrolments this year in VET Building and Construction! Currently we have 52 students enrolled in first year and 13 in second year. All students who enrol as of 2018 will receive their full Pre-Apprenticeship qualification.
This year, students are making a set of hand tools that they will use in class and when they are out in industry. They will make a wooden mallet, wooden hand plane, a carpenter’s square, a cam clamp and a tool box. These projects will cover all elements required in the units titled “carpentry hand tools” and “power tools for the construction industry”.
In addition, students will undertake full-scale construction projects. Planning and logistics are currently underway, and ideas on the table are: a roving coffee shop for the senior school, a cubbyhouse for a local kindergarten and a tearoom.
Extensive theory accompanies all practical units including: plan reading, footings and foundations, levelling, sub-floor framing, framing, exterior cladding, scaffolding, safety and sustainability on the building site.
All VCAL students are required to do work placement for one day each week for their Year 11 and 12 studies. Students have the option to do work experience during Year 10 however it is not a requirement of the course.
We're looking forward to an action packed year in VET Building and Construction!

Dave Colcott
VET Building and Construction Teacher