Dear Parents/Guardians & Students

Welcome to all members of our community as we commence the 2018 school year. I particularly welcome all new students and their families to the College along with our new staff colleagues for 2018. Our annual College Theme for this year is ‘Faith - where there is doubt, let me sow faith’.


Parent Information Evenings/House Welcome Evenings

These Information Evenings have been held across all campuses in the first weeks of term one. It was particularly pleasing to meet so many parents and hear the stories of the wonderful start their children have had to the school year. I thank parents for their attendance and involvement in these evenings, and I also thank Heads of Campus, Learning & Pedagogy Leaders (formerly known as Curriculum Co-ordinators), Student Wellbeing and Growth Leaders (formerly known as Pastoral Co-ordinators), House Co-ordinators, Directors of VCAL and Careers and VET Leaders along with homeroom teachers for their work in preparing for these evenings.


Year 12 Retreats

This week our Year 12 students attended a three-day retreat in their House groups, at four wonderful venues at various locations across Victoria, under the guidance and direction of their House Co-ordinators, the Religious Education/Faith staff, homeroom teachers and other staff of the College.

These were a huge success in enabling the students to deepen their individual faith/spirituality; reflect on the young people they are and are becoming; and continue to build and strengthen relationships with fellow students and staff of the College. Thank you to all students who attended and to all of the staff involved.


Launch of the Year 9 Program ASPIRE 9

Today will see the inaugural launch of the Year 9 Aspire9 Program. Under the guidance of the Director of Year 9, Mark DeFazio, and the three Year 9 Program Leaders at each junior campus, the students will symbolically walk from different locations to the one destination at Sea Winds at Arthur’s Seat, where they will have lunch. This will be the first of many wonderful experiences for this pioneering group, and we wish them the best of luck. My thanks to the Parent and Friends Group for cooking the BBQ for all of the Year 9 students today.


Commencement Eucharist

The Commencement Eucharist for the College will be held on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 7.30 pm at the Mornington Campus. All Year 7 students (from each campus) and all new Year 8 to 12 students (from each campus) are expected to attend this important opening celebration of the 2018 school year, along with all student leaders from Year 8 to 12. All other students and their families are most welcome to attend. A message will be sent to all families via CareMonkey and I ask that you respond to that message to indicate your attendance.



I have spoken to all students since the commencement of the 2018 school year regarding the focus we will be placing on the correct wearing of the College uniform. The College Uniform Policy can be found in the student Learning Journal and on the College website I ask all parents and guardians to make themselves familiar with these regulations and support us in ensuring that your child is wearing our College uniform correctly. Students breaching this policy will be required to attend detentions after school.


Year 7 2019 Enrolments

Please be aware that enrolments for Year 7 2019 were conducted last year with the Grade 5 2017 students. If you have a current Grade 6 2018 student who is not already enrolled or not on College waiting lists, you should contact Ms Christine Mose, Enrolment Registrar, immediately.


Year 7 2020 Enrolments

Following a review of our enrolment and transition processes in 2017, we have undertaken to implement changes informed by significant discussion with students, staff and parents so we can best meet the needs of all students who join our Padua community. Previous practice has seen us conduct enrolment interviews with families of potential students whilst they are in Grade 5, we have made the decision to move these interviews into Grade 6 once families have accepted an offer of enrolment at the College. We believe that conducting these interviews with students and their families in Grade 6 will allow us greater opportunity to gather relevant information about each student closer to the time they join our classrooms. Further information for families with students in Grade 5 and 6 in 2018 will be e-mailed and details can be found via the College website under Enrolments & Tours:


School Photographs

School photographs have been taken at the Mornington and Tyabb Campuses and are scheduled for Tuesday 13 February at the Rosebud Campus. To order photographs, go directly to the Arthur Reed website, If you do not have internet access or encounter difficulty ordering photos you may contact Arthur Reed directly on Tel:(03) 5243 4390. Orders will be accepted one week prior to photo day and up to 10 days after photography. Photographs will be delivered to the school approximately four weeks after photo day and come with Arthur Reed’s ‘unconditional Money Back Guarantee’.


Whom to Contact

Padua College works in partnership with parents, recognising families as the prime educator of their children. During the year, parents should feel free to contact the relevant staff if they require help or advice. Please access the list of Staff Contacts for 2018, available on the College website at this link:


Staffing News

* Congratulations to Mrs Tara McGarry (T) on the arrival of baby Una over the holidays;

* Congratulations to Ms Olivia Beale (Student Counsellor) who was married to Jake George last weekend.


Condolences and Prayers

* Condolences to Mrs Karen Eccleston (T) on the sudden passing of her father over the holidays;

* We keep in our prayers Mr Michael Eason (M & T) and Mrs Seleena Nichols (M) as they both continue with their medical treatment;

* Mr Stephen Cussigh (M) is continuing his recovery from his recent hip surgery and we wish him well.


Staffing for 2018

Staff commencing Leave at the start of 2018:

* Ella McConnell (R – 12 months Leave Without Pay)

* Nicole Jane (M – 12 months Leave Without Pay)

* Erin Napier (M – 6 months Long Service Leave)

* Tarry McGarry (T – 12 months Maternity Leave)

* Monica Sever (M – 12 months Long Service Leave)


Staff Returning from Leave for 2018:

* Stacey Edmund (R)

* Yvonne Walsh (M)


Staff Members who remain on leave from the College for the start of 2018

* Laura Di Scala (M – Leave Without Pay)

* Liz Filgate (M – Maternity Leave, returning Term 2)

* Assunta Galbraith (R - Maternity Leave)

* Brigitte Hamilton (M – Maternity leave)


Campus Transfers 2018:

To Tyabb

* Sarah Bath

* Jade Boyd

* Ryan Gingell

* Penny Markham


To Mornington

* Georga Bryant

* Kirsty Miller

* Leanne Milne


To Rosebud

* Brittany Graham


Staff new to the College for 2018:

* Tony Anderson (T – English/History)

* Orwin De Kretser (M - Assistant Head of Campus - LAP, M Junior Campus)

* Brian Filgate (R – ALTL, Humanities)

* Danielle Hayes (M – Maths)

* Sharon Heal (M – Study Centre Supervisor)

* Suzannah Hyland (R – English)

* Fiona James (M – Maths, RE)

* Sarah Jeffs (T - English)

* Caroline Jeremiah (M – Senior HCO)

* Deborah Kerry (R – Food Technology, Textiles)

* Matthew Laurie (M - LTL, Physical Education)

* Shannon Maher (M – Director of VCAL & Careers Leader)

* Luke Martin (T – ALTL, Maths)

* Angelica Mason (M – job share Director of Learning Enhancement)

* Lisa Modd (R - ALTL, Science)

* Kirsty Molesworth (M – LTL, Visual Arts)

* Stephanie Nguyen (M – Maths)

* Clare Parks (T – English, RE)

* Angela Phillips (M – LTL, STEAM)

* Breanna Phillips (T – English/Humanities)

* Robert Montinaro (M – Maintenance)

* Anna-Olimpia Rosenblum (M – LTL, Languages)

* Peter Ottavi (Term 1 M – Italian, History, RE)

* Brendan Smith (R – Campus Learning Enhancement Co-ordinator)

* Charlene Smith (T – Physical Education)

* Tracey Smith (M – Teacher Aide)

* Deborah Taylor (M – LTL, Science)

* Peter Woodhouse (M – Mornington Campus Faith Co-ordinator)

* Susie Wheelahan (M – Mathematics)

* Alison Whitelaw (M & T – Food Tech Assistant)

* Pam Whitting (T – Teacher Aide)

* Jodie Williams (M – Mornington Jnr HCO)


A very big welcome to new staff to the College this year.

I wish all students and families a wonderful beginning to the year and look forward to working with you in striving for our student’s success and achievements in 2018.

Anthony Banks