Deputy Principal's Report

“Carpe Diem” - Seize the Day

Horace - Roman Poet 23BC

Welcome Years 7-10

The Padua Rosebud Assembly on Tuesday was the traditional rites of passage for Year 7 students as they were led into the assembly by their Year 10 House leaders and welcomed by their older peers. Year 7 have had a very smooth transition into their secondary education. A comment from a Year 7 boy summed up much about what our Campus is about when he responded to the question, “Why has it been so good?”  His reply, It’s the people.” Amen to that!

During their first day Year 7 were shown a picture of a little boy (second from left) from a village in far Northern India. This boy has holes in his shoes, sleeps in a street and the schools playground is dirt and nothing more than dirt. Yet the boys is described by Hugh Van Cuylenburg the founder of the Resilience Project as, “the happiest child I have ever met.”…get involved in Padua Rosebud and happiness is a given.

Year 8 and 9 were reminded not to be slow out of the blocks with getting the basics right – organisation; uniform; lockers and in the first instance not to blame others if self-reflection is required. The students know that you reap what you sow – what you put into Padua Rosebud is what you will be blessed to receive.


House Leaders

Our new House Leaders were congratulated and have received their badges, the symbols of their titles. They in turn have been challenged to lead, not just to think, but do more and become more. Why? Because their peers have elected them to lead. The leaders will be guided and encouraged to initiate. At Padua Rosebud we are proud of the students that leave our Campus who move into their senior years at Mornington. They are young people who lead and lead well. They embrace the spirit and understand that true faith is seen in the service we give to others.  Our priority and responsibility as educators is spread widely in the context of a teenager’s school day and this responsibility is at its very core enriching the faith and belief for the individual in the individual. May our student leaders do the same in the roles this year.


Year 10 2018

Year 10 have been reminded of RSL moments – Resilience; Leadership and Maturity and their role in 2018 is very significant being the last Year 10 Rosebudians. Year 10 will continue to shine the light for all those past Year 10 students who have graced the campus for the past 28 years. How? By walking beside their younger peers, particularly the Year 7 students and through their RSL modelling.



Faith is the theme of our College for 2018, highlighting the significance of the key words in St Francis Peace Prayer. Faith is more than a word and can have a different meaning for individuals. Faith, we are told, is intrinsic to the inner being and the spirituality for any human being. The challenge for a Catholic education is to bring young minds to a point where they too understand that faith will open many doors in their lives, especially those doorways which at times may be difficult to enter. Our students in time (may even be well into their adult lives) will understand and be grateful for a personal relationship with Christ.


Positive Ed

Padua is integrating Positive Ed into the daily life for students and staff in and out of the classroom. Positive Ed is not a new philosophy and has been successful immersed into many schools across Australia. The whole College focus will reap benefits for both students and staff. Positive Ed uses six elements of a healthy wellbeing: Positive Engagement; Meaning and Purpose; Skills and Achievement; Relationships and Optimism; Strengths and Emotions; Exercise and Health. You will be able to follow the weekly PACA - Positive Ed program by referring to Student Planners.



By now parents would be aware of the expectations of uniform standards. When home and school are on the same page there is minimal confusion; less angst with very few uniform issues arising because students will know that uniform is a non-negotiable just as it is if a student has a part time at a large brand store or in wears their club colours on a weekend. Can’t imagine a Carlton player wanting to wear a Collingwood jumper!  Besides all the obvious reasons why staff and parents want all students looking respectable in their club (College) colours the common denominator is certainly that uniform keeps things equal.


Bags and Lockers

A reminder that students do not have to take everything home in their bags. Planning is so important. Year 7-10 will be reminded often to take home what is needed.


Carpe Diem

You may have noted this week’s lead in quote, Carpe Diem which is the Latin phrase for ‘Seize the day.’ The Roman Poet Horace wrote on Carpe Diem back in 23BC as a reminder to humankind that life is to be enjoyed and by seizing the opportunity of each day fulfilment can be found. Padua Rosebud has had a Carpe Diem moment in the very first week when a Year 7 student dropped his books on the ground near his locker. An older peer came to the rescue. A new staff member on seeing the events unfold spoke to the older peer to compliment the care shown to assist the Year 7 lad. The reply from the older peer? “That’s what we do at Padua Rosebud.”

May all families, students and our dedicated staff be blessed with and embrace Horace’s Carpe Diem in 2018.

PS I have a sneaking suspicion that McCauley House is up for the challenge for this year’s Swimming Carnival


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