Deputy Principal's Report

Welcome back to all on the Year 7-10 Mornington Campus! Our first week back has been filled with energy and action with all our students getting to know each other in their new classes, school photos and then House Welcome Evenings. These Welcome Evenings provide an opportunity for parents to meet with Homeroom Teachers and House Co-ordinators so that we can best support the young people placed in our care. In this spirit I encourage all parents and guardians to please feel confident that you can contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher and then perhaps House Co-ordinator should you have any query or concern.

Our College theme for 2018 is “Faith”. This is taken from The Prayer of St Francis and each year we move through this prayer to focus on a new aspect. In 2018 this call for “Faith” links in well with the introduction of Positive Education within our Pastoral Care program and across the entire College. Although we are only at the very early stages as staff and students in developing our understanding of Positive Education, one concept which has caught my attention is that of “Growth Mindsets vs Fixed Mindsets”….

“those with growth mindsets  persist, change the ways they do things and increase their efforts to overcome challenges and setbacks. These people are process focused and primarily interested in learning better strategies to adopt to improve themselves; they believe in hard work and effort. Neuroscience supports this. Their brains became active when they were given feedback on how to make their best better; they have grit.”, whereas…

“those with fixed mindsets see challenges and setbacks as too hard to overcome, think that whatever they do will fail and tend to give up rather than fail; they believe it is their DNA and that hard work shows a lack of ability. These people are performance focused and are primarily interested in their results, not effort. They seldom leave their comfort zones to tackle more challenging tasks. Neuroscience supports this. Their brains become active when they are told how they performed. They haven’t got what it takes to dig deep and lift their efforts; they lack grit. They also tend to set performance goals.”

The Learning Curve

….as people of FAITH we are imbued with HOPE and we work towards having GROWTH MINDSETS when we face challenges in life.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome to the Mornington Year 7-10 Campus in leadership positions, Mr Orwin De Kretser - Assistant Head of Campus; Learning and Pedagogy, Ms Jodie Williams our new Head of Chisholm House, and also not new to us at Padua but new to these significant roles, Ms Hayley McMillan - Head of Assisi House and Ms Scarlett Christopherson - Head of Clare House. We wish all our staff and students every success in 2018.

Wishing you all continued blessings.