Deputy Principal's Report

The spectacular lunar eclipse that heralded the start of the new school year is symbolic of the Tyabb Campus in 2018. For this year, at capacity, the Campus caters for Years 7-10 but for the foreseeable future beyond 2019, Tyabb Campus will be a Year 7-9 Campus. So this year is unique for that reason alone. There are 438 students in total enrolled at Padua Tyabb for 2018. Incredible to think that this number has grown so rapidly in the five years since the campus opened its doors.

As the College celebrates its 120th anniversary, Tyabb students were welcomed to the Year of Faith at their first whole campus assembly for the year. As part of their induction, the Year 7 students were led into the assembly by their House Co-ordinator and House Leaders, who proudly carried their House banner. Resplendent in their new uniforms and sparkling shoes, the Year 7 students soaked in the atmosphere of secondary school with their more experienced peers.

At the assembly, it was made explicitly clear to students about the College expectations regarding the wearing of the uniform and their responsibilities in adhering to the College policy. Additionally, students were instructed to leave their phones in their locked lockers during the day and to use them only before or after school. Headphones are to be only used during the day at the discretion of teachers and accessing social media at school, unless it is connected to their class work, is not permitted. It is particularly important that students understand the reasons for these expectations. They exist to ensure fairness for all and to enable students to fully engage with their learning. Students who do not meet these expectations will need to respond appropriately and accept any consequences that follow.

There are numerous new staff members at the Tyabb Campus in 2018. Mr Tony Anderson, Ms Sarah Jeffs, Mrs Clare Parks, Ms Brianna Phillips, Mrs Charlene Smith, Ms Jade Boyd, Mrs Penny Markham Mrs Sarah Bath, Mr Luke Martin and Mr Ryan Gingell are welcome additions to the burgeoning staff at Tyabb. Mr Alex Karney and Mrs Carolyn Barber are with the staff for Term 1, replacing Mr Ribet and Mrs Eccleston. Also with us throughout the year are pre-service teachers Ms Madeline Brown and Mr Peter Davidson. Mrs Sarah Bailey has transferred from Mornington to Tyabb and has joined the Tyabb Administration team and will undertake Reception and First Aid duties as part of her role.

Key personnel at Tyabb for 2018 are as follows:

Ms Cathy Moloney – Campus Co-ordinator

Mrs Natalie Beattie – Student Wellbeing and Growth Co-ordinator

Mr Ryan Gingell – Learning and Pedagogy Leader

Mrs Anne-Marie Wilkinson – Faith Co-ordinator

Mr Paul Fairlie – Head of Campus

Mr Andrew Lancaster – Administration and Finance

Mrs Karen Doyle & Mrs Sarah Bailey – Reception and First Aid

Mrs Dana Killmister and Mrs Kat Tewman – Learning Enhancement Co-ordinators

Mr Peter Kerr – Cardijn House Co-ordinator

Ms Marnie Kavanagh – Geoghegan House Co-ordinator

Ms Angela Inserra (Term 1) – Doyle House Co-ordinator

Mr Nick Gleeson – McCormack House Co-ordinator

Diary Dates

House Welcome Evening: Thursday, February 8 from 6.30pm

Tyabb Campus Twilight Open Day:  Wednesday, March 7 from 4.00 -7.00pm


Great news about the new Tyabb Tunnel. The new shade structure was installed during the holidays above the existing basketball court and is very impressive.