Student pick up / drop off by car at the Mornington Campus

Welcome back to a new school year.

As expected, vehicular traffic is extremely busy at the start of the year as students gain confidence in navigating their way to and from school by bus, bicycle or foot. At the Mornington Campus, this is amplified with over 1600 students (and several hundred staff) coming and going each day.

To that end, it is imperative that all parents understand the principles of the system that allow pick up and drop off, to flow at maximum efficiency and safety.

1. Always follow the directives of the Traffic Controllers. They are there to help everyone.

2. There is no parking in the pick up / drop off bay. Please stay with your vehicle and move up when there is space.

3. Always drive as far through the bay as possible – there is no senior and junior zone. Efficiency breaks down when people are inconsiderate and students are capable of walking an extra 40m. L plate drivers included.

4. Before pulling out use your mirror, take a breath and take a look. Those 2 seconds can save a collision. Why not give a thank you wave.

5. Keep your speed below 10 km/hr. You are driving amongst kids.

6. Students are not permitted to walk out gates 1, 2, 3 or 4 to be picked up. This is strictly enforced.

7. Expect delays and be early to avoid frustration – everyone is in the same predicament.

Be aware that between gates 3 and 4 buses may be overtaking the stationary vehicle queue.

There is no student parking on campus this year at all. Students may park on the verge down past gate 5 and use gate 5 to walk in and out of the school.

Please try and arrange your visit to the Uniform Shop in school hours. With limited parking due to ongoing construction we cannot guarantee you a park.

Traffic will settle down, but in the interim we ask for your co-operation and patience.