Welcome to a new year from the Faith Team at Padua

The members of the Faith Team will regularly contribute to this page throughout the year to keep you up to date with the many things happening throughout the College which enhance and enliven the faith of your daughters and sons.

The members of the Faith Team are:

* Peter Woodhouse (Campus Faith Co-ordinator, Mornington)

* Peter O’Halloran (Campus Faith Co-ordinator, Rosebud)

* Anne-Marie Wilkinson (Campus Faith Co-ordinator, Tyabb)

* Mary Cameron (Pastoral Associate)

* Gina Reimers (Liturgical Music Co-ordinator)

* Bernadette Young (Social Justice Co-ordinator)

* Samantha Vinson (Assistant Social Justice Co-ordinator)

* Ange Virgona (Faith Formation Leader)

* Michael Harrison (Vice Principal: Faith and Community)



Each year at Padua College we have a theme, and over the past few years we have taken our theme from a central idea in the St Francis Peace Prayer. We have focused in previous years on PEACE, LOVE and PARDON, and in 2018 we are exploring the line “WHERE THERE IS DOUBT, LET ME SOW FAITH”.


There are many different ways we can speak of Faith …

* Faith is a universal human experience - each of us has faith in something, whether that be a religious faith or not. Faith is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

* Our faith can be seen in what we do, where we spend our time, what we prioritise.

* Faith is what allows us to make sense of our human experience, and is especially important to us in our more difficult times.


Of course it is religious faith which is central to the experience of our Padua College community, based as it is on the person of Jesus and how that is lived out within the Catholic tradition. And so it is a blessing that our Year of Faith coincides with the 120th Anniversary of Padua College – 120 years of faith education in the Catholic tradition here on the Mornington Peninsula.

This too will be a focus for us throughout the year, but particularly in late April and May – the time that the college enrolled and began to teach its first students 120 years ago.

We look forward to sharing the year with you.

Many Blessings.