ST ANTHONY OF PADUA (Feast Day 13th June)

St Anthony of Padua was born in 1195 in Lisbon (in present day Portugal). He was born into a wealthy family, but at an early age gave up the power and wealth that was offered him, and became a monk. He journeyed to Morocco to teach the word of God, but was struck down with illness. Trying to return home, he was caught in a storm and ship-wrecked on the coast of Sicily.

He lived much of the rest of his life in present-day France and Italy.

In his life, he became a famous preacher, displaying a love of learning and of passing on that learning to others.

As a follower of St Francis of Assisi, Anthony was always concerned to reach out to the poor and destitute.

His last years were spent in the city of Padua (in Italy not far from Venice), and it was near here that he died at the age of 36. In the year following his death, he was declared a saint by Pope Gregory IX.


We pray for all students, staff and families

in our Padua school community

that we might seek to live out the example

that St Anthony of Padua is to us all.

The fire of God’s truth burnt brightly in his heart,

flowing over into the passion of his preaching

and the love with which he met all people,

particularly the poor and dispirited.

May the same fire burn

in us and our school community

throughout this year,

and in everything we do

as a school community

blessed by his name.


Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community