Deputy Principal's Report

Good luck to all Year 9 Students and Staff

The Year 9 Camps launched this week, with staff and students across all three Padua campuses coming together as part of the ongoing process of formation and transition in readiness for when all 7-10 students across Rosebud, Tyabb and Mornington Campuses combine to form the Year 11-12 Senior Campus.

These camps embark to a range of destinations including; the Murray River, the Howqua, the Macalister River, Sydney and Tasmania. We are indeed fortunate to be able to offer our young people these magnificent opportunities and in anticipation I offer sincere thanks to Terry Luppino for all his work in organising the Mornington component of these camps. We look forward to hearing the stories of the many adventures and new friendships they have formed upon their return from the Year 9.

Full Steam Ahead!

Tiffany Miller (Assisi House) and Grace Ronchi (Chisholm House), were among 40 Year 10 girls invited to participate in the ‘Developing Designed Solutions for Community Needs’ workshop, which was held at Engineers Australia, 16-20 October.

Tiffany and Grace, from our Mornington Campus, chose to create an adjustable mechanical arm which would allow an amputee, or person born with a missing limb or limited muscle movement, to hold a pen and write with it.

Using 3D printing software, our students engineered and assembled their projects over the course of the week and presented their working prototype and model on the final day of the workshop. According to Grace Ronchi, Year 10 Chisholm, “This was a great experience as we were able to work with real people that had disabilities and see all the struggles they face. We also had real engineers on hand to bounce ideas off, which was highly beneficial for our product’s growth.”

I was fortunate indeed to be able to attend Tiffany and Grace’s final presentation of their work. They were able to use their grit and intelligence to look outwards into the community to see where their gifts and attributes could best be used to help others. Their device with its’ aim to help people with disabilities to communicate and express themselves defines so well what we are about and articulates why we are all proud to belong to a community such as Padua College.

Stephen Veneris
Deputy Principal | Head of 7-10 Campus Mornington