Rosebud Campus Student Pick-up

Each school day student pick up is a busy period of 15 minutes or less. This time is potentially dangerous with the movement of our students as they interact with the vehicular traffic, both in the school grounds and out on Inglewood Crescent.

 * The No Standing signs are there for the safety of all students and the College expects all members of our community to help keep students safe. Please park and pick-up with this in mind.

 * At pick-up times be mindful that buses may need to enter the College gates. Leaving the entry gate clear avoids buses needing to wait on Inglewood Crescent which creates traffic jams.

 * Please also consider our neighbours and do not park on nature strips or across driveways.

Keeping speeds down, being vigilant for children and being courteous to other drivers all helps minimise the risks at this potentially dangerous time.

Breathe and smile. Your patience is greatly appreciated and really makes a difference.

Matt Crosling
OHS Coordinator