Year 11 Unit 2 VCE Exams

It’s a busy time for Yr 11 students with Yr 11 VCE Semester 2 exams fast approaching.

The Yr 11 Semester 2 Exam period runs from Wednesday 8 November  – Tuesday 14 November.  


Important Information for Yr 11 Unit 2 Exams:

* Exams must be completed at the set time and date scheduled.

* Students with an exam clash will be advised of the exam and time of reschedule. All clashes will be processed and a letter provided advising you of this. If you believe you still have an exam clash and have not received any documentation the week prior to the start of exams please add your details to the sheet at the Senior office.

* Students must sit in their allocated seats. A seating plan will be made available for students to view prior to the exam period.

* Students will be issued the Exams Navigator document in homeroom outlining the examination rules and student responsibilities. Students should read and be familiar with the content of this document.

* If you have a VCAA Yr 12 exam the priority if for this exam. Please advise Mrs Taylor of the need for a reschedule.

* Students are not required at school if they do not have an exam, however they are welcome to use the Study centre and space allocated for study and preparation.

* If a student is sick or running late on the day of an exam, contact must be made with the school via email or phone 59760100. A doctors certificate should be provided for the absence and the exam (s) will be rescheduled.

* Students should wear full school uniform for exams.

* The Noticeboard for Year 11 Exams is on the window outside the Senior Staffroom. All information will be published here.


End of Year 11 arrangements:

** Exams: Wednesday 8  – Tuesday 14 November

** Yr 12 Orientation 2018 – Wednesday 15  – Thursday 23 November. Timetable to be advised.

** Last day Yr 11. COMPULSORY FOR ALL STUDENTS. Friday 24 November. Subject review, Mass & Awards Assembly.


In preparing for exams students are encouraged to set up a study schedule allowing time for content review, practice exam questions and also incorporate time for exercise, rest and healthy eating.

All the best to all with Exam preparations and exams.

Belinda Taylor
VCE Curriculum Co-ordinator