Dear Members of the Padua College community

Dear Members of the Padua College community,

Staffing News

A belated welcome back to all students and staff for the final Term of the 2017 school year. This Term we welcome the following new staff to the College: Mr Luke Low – College Director of e-Learning; Ms Brook Newton (M) - replacing Mrs Brigette Hamilton, Ms Stephanie Nguyen – replacing Mr Phil Shanahan while on Long Service Leave;  Mrs Suzanne Enderlin (R – Teacher Librarian) – replacing Ms Diane Lewis who has been appointed as the Director of Library Services for the College; and Ms Matilda Shannon (M) who is working as a PE Assistant for the remainder of the school year.

We keep in our prayers Rosebud Campus staff member, Pauline Tweedly, who worked in the Canteen and as an assistant in the Textiles and Food Technology departments at the Rosebud Campus. Pauline died peacefully in her sleep on Sunday night and is survived by her husband, Kevin, and seven children (all were former Padua students).

I offer my condolences to Ms Anne Allan (M) on the passing of her mother, Beverly Hancock, over the holidays. I offer my congratulations Mrs Brigette Hamilton (M) on the birth of baby Patrick Angus last week.

Congratulations to Donna Nettlefold who has been recognised for her leadership and volunteer work in the community by being selected as a Batonbearer for the Gold Coast 2018 Queen's Baton Relay (QBR). Donna will have the honour of carrying the Queen's Baton as it travels around Australia on its 100-day journey to the Opening Ceremony of the XXI Commonwealth Games, her Batonbearer position will be in Sorrento on Monday 12 February 2018.


Positions of Leadership 2018

Over the 2017 school year the College Improvement Team have undertaken a review of the Position of Leadership structure at the College to better support the implementation of the Educational Strategic Plan. This review process has resulted in a number of changes to the current structure and appointments to Positions of Leadership will be made towards the end of the school year.


Year 12 Trial Exams

Year 12 students undertook Trial Exams during the second week of the school holidays and the first two weeks of Term 4. I thank Mrs Belinda Taylor for all her work in co-ordinating these Trial Exams and all staff who assisted during the holiday period to offer our students this most valuable experience in preparation for their upcoming exams.


Whole College Assembly

Next Monday, 23 October, we will be holding a Whole College Assembly with the three themes of Celebration, Leadership and Aspiration.

* We will be celebrating the current Year 12 students’ time at Padua College as we farewell them from the College.

*We will highlight the aspect of leadership as we announce our College Captains and Vice Captains for 2018 and have a symbolic handing over of leadership from the current student leaders.

* We will be emphasising the notion of aspiration to our students as we announce award recipients from amongst the Year 12 cohort.


Year 12 Final Days

Following the Assembly on Monday, the final day for formal Year 12 classes is next Tuesday 24 October. Students will be permitted to leave school at 12.45pm on that day so that they are able to prepare for the Graduation Mass and Valedictory Dinner that evening. Mass will commence at 5.00pm in the Girolami Centre and students are to be at school by 4.30pm. The Graduation Dinner commences at 7.00pm at the Mornington Racecourse. Students are to be in full Winter school uniform for both events. We are looking forward to what promises to be a wonderful evening celebrating the achievements of our Year 12 graduating class. This will be an opportunity of celebration and acknowledgement of the wonderful contributions that this Year 12 group have made to Padua College. As we send them into the wider world, we wish them all of the health and happiness that their extraordinary lives will offer.


The morning of Wednesday 25 October is set aside to celebrate the achievements of our Year 12 Class of 2017 commencing with a breakfast at school at 7.30am. These celebrations will conclude at 11.55am.


Rosebud Athletics Day

Last Thursday the Rosebud Athletics Carnival was held at the Rosebud Campus. My thanks to Mr Brad Byles and all staff who contributed to a wonderful day for the students. Congratulations to the winning team – Teresa.


SIS Book in a Day Competition

Congratulations to the Rosebud Campus Book in a Day team, along with Mrs Andrea Cummins, for winning this year’s competition! This is a wonderful achievement.


Year 11 & 12 Arts & Technology Expo

Last week and this week, those students completing Unit 3/4 Arts and Technology subjects from Year 11 & 12 have this week showcased their superb efforts in the annual Exhibition held in the Ursula Frayne Centre. I wish to congratulate Visual Arts Learning Area Leader, Mrs Hannah Williams and Technology Learning Area Leader, Ms Anne Allan, along with all staff who have worked with our students to produce such a high standard of work. I wish these students all the very best as they prepare for their final examinations in these portfolio subjects as so much of their efforts has obviously gone into their practical work.


VCAL Lunch

Congratulations to the Year 12 VCAL class on the lunch held on Monday to raise awareness of the social issues in Timor Leste and to raise money for the causes there. It was a wonderful event (with delicious food) and the students should be very proud of their efforts.


VCAL Presentation Evening

Tonight our VCAL students will present their final assessment projects at their Presentation Evening. We are looking forward to a most entertaining evening with the work done by these very motivated students being highlighted in their presentations.


Principal’s General Excellence Award:

This Award is presented to the student in Year 12 who has shown a commitment to their school life across a number of different areas. Whilst is does not recognise a “champion” in one or another field, it does represent a “Best all-rounder”. Staff nominated many outstanding Year 12 students for this prestigious award: I congratulate the following students who have been nominated for 2017:

Natasha Albers, Danie Attwood, Paris Biggs, Edward Church, Matthew Clark, Sophie Clinch, Kate Coverdale, Killian Doyle, Elizabeth Gordon, Sophie Hall, Bridie Kennedy, Chloe Kirkpatrick, Lauren Ranisavljev, Ned Shannon, Paddy Susovich and Natasha Zipkas.


The winner will be announced at the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner after the Graduation Mass on Tuesday evening.


Melanie Holden Surfing & Academic Award

The Melanie Holden Surfing and Academic Award is presented by the Holden family in memory of Melanie Holden (1972 – 2004) a past student of Padua College who completed Year 12 in 1989. This award will be given annually to a young woman from Year 11 or 12 who combines an avid interest in surfing with a diligence in her study.

While at Padua College, Melanie was very involved in all aspects of school life. She was a member of the Senior School Council in both Years 11 and 12, and actively competed in the SIS competitions each year, being a member of the swimming, gymnastics, tennis, cross country and debating teams. Melanie was a very committed student and was particularly gifted at English, Maths and Graphics. She was fun to be with, and was enormously popular at school, with her crazy sense of humour and a keen sense of the ridiculous.

On leaving school, Melanie deferred her university place for 12 months and spent a year travelling through Europe. She then completed her Arts degree at Monash University Clayton, before completing her law degree at the University of Western Australia. Melanie returned to Victoria to complete her articles and was admitted to the bar in 2001. She took up a position as a Medical Negligence Lawyer with Slater and Gordon, loving this work as she was very committed to ideas of Social Justice and was able to help people who had suffered genuine injustice and pain through no fault of their own.

Melanie was diagnosed with secondary melanoma cancer in July 2004. She faced her illness with amazing and inspiring courage and died on December 28, 2004.

The nominations and winner of the award will announced at the Year 12 Farewell Assembly on Monday 23 October.


Susan Lash Award

It was with sadness that the College learned of the news of Sue Lash’s death in January 2009 after a short illness, aged 59. The College community prayed for Sue during her illness, and remembered her twenty-two years of service to the students of the College and their families. A larger than life character, Sue was instrumental in seeking out new avenues to engage students meaningfully in further training and employment opportunities.

Sue was instrumental in enabling students’ access to Vocational Education & Training opportunities and this Award is in recognition of the wonderful work she did solely on behalf of the Padua students. Part of the criteria for the decision of who receives the Award reflects this perseverance and the ability to overcome the odds, qualities that Sue possessed.

The nominees and winner will be presented at the Year 12 Farewell Assembly on Monday 23 October.


Mick McLoughlin Principal’s Choice Award

Presented by the College, the Mick McLoughlin Principal’s Choice acknowledgement is in memory of Mr Michael McLoughlin (1943 – 2012) who in 27 years at Padua College was Deputy Principal and inaugural Head of Rosebud Campus.

Mick was an excellent teacher of Graphics (Visual Communication & Design) and his design and artistic background is evident in the development of the grounds and buildings of the Rosebud Campus. This acknowledgment is given annually to a Year 11 or 12 Mornington Campus student who has produced an outstanding piece of work in the Arts or Technology Learning Area as part of their portfolio work for VCE.

The winning piece is selected by the Principal in conjunction with the College Learning Area Leaders of Arts & Technology and, if agreed by the student, purchased by the College for display in a prominent place at one of the campuses during the following year until being re-sited to an appropriate exhibition space. Nominations will be made at the VCE Arts & Technology Evening on Wednesday night and the nominees and winner will be presented at the Year 12 Farewell Assembly on Monday 23 October.


School Uniform

The uniform expected for Term 4 is the summer uniform. On cooler days in Terms 1 and 4, students may wear their winter uniform on the condition that it is worn in its entirety. Please note that the school jumper is not to be worn as the outer garment when travelling to and from school either in summer or winter. The blazer is compulsory for all year levels.


SunSmart Policy

In Term 4 all students are expected to wear the College hat when outdoors. I ask all parents to ensure that their son/daughter has the appropriate hat for Term 4.

Anthony Banks