Thunderstorm Asthma and Pollen Season

In light of last year’s tragic Thunderstorm Asthma incident Padua asks that our whole community is aware of the possibility of this phenomenon – not all the people who died in this localised incident were diagnosed as asthmatic.

October marks the start of the pollen season. Monitoring the pollen count as well as the possibility for sudden changes in meteorological conditions is now really important.


or try downloading the Melbourne Pollen app on your phone.

Typically, the type of thunderstorms which are dangerous are caused by moisture forming clouds and rain, unstable air that is relatively warm rising rapidly, combined with lift. This can form from fronts and sea breezes. Afternoons and evening are the most likely times.

Please be aware of nightly Weather forecasts and the chance of Thunderstorms.

Diagnosed asthmatics are advised to keep their reliever inhalers on their person at all times at this time of year. Please ensure that your inhaler has plenty of puffs left. The College has good supplies of asthma reliever in strategic places as well as in First Aid Kits on excursion, but in an extreme event these supplies may be stretched.

Stay aware and stay safe – ensure your reliever inhaler has plenty of puffs left and keep it on you.

Matt Crosling
OHS Coordinator