Former Padua College student (Class of 1995) Adrian Mancuso

Former Padua College student (Class of 1995) Adrian Mancuso, is the leading scientist at SPB/SFX in Germany. Adrian has spent the last seven years working on Europe's new X-ray laser.

Adrian attended Padua College his entire secondary education, reflecting on his time at Padua Adrian said ''I had the great privilege to be taught by many great teachers, Padua was very important in forming who I am today''.

We asked Adrian about his best memory of his school days at Padua. ''I’ve really got a bunch -my time at Padua was really great. However, one that stands out is performing a science show for the younger students at lunch one day with Mrs Bailey. We had all the usual science demonstration experiments, which I enjoyed being part of very much. We had the complete gamut of these demonstrations including vanishing beakers, colour changing fluids, the “burning” $50 note that didn’t burn away and more''. We also asked Adrian what he planned to do after he left left Padua, ''I wanted to study science - actually I think since Year 7 I wanted to be a physicist - so that worked out pretty well!''

We asked Adrian when you are not working, what do you get up to, ''I work a lot, so it’s fortunate that I really like my job! When I do have down time I like coffee and good cafes, playing board and card games with my mates and my wife, playing cricket (here in Germany!) and listening to live music''

We congratulate Adrian on his amazing achievement after leaving Padua College and for his hard work and dedication in his career!

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Amy Bongiorno
Alumni Coordiantor