What is STEAM?

What is STEAM?
In STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics) this term we designed and built our own kite. We learnt a lot of skills that can be used later on in life and had fun along the way. STEAM has been a great subject with opportunities to learn new things and to design.

What did we do?
In STEAM we built a winged box kite out of bamboo and plastic drop sheet, measuring the length of our bamboo for our frame and measuring the area of our plastic drop sheets to get the perfect amount of material to get our kite in the air.

What were our results?
Our results with our winged box kite were very successful getting fifteen to thirty metres into the air with somewhat good control with one string attached to our kite to control it. It was in the air for twenty to thirty seconds.

Written by Lucas Pingiaro, Nathan Rees and Harry Ross