2017 Girolami/McLoughlin Cup

The winner today certainly was PADUA COLLEGE!!

In perfect conditions to play Sport, our three junior campuses came together at the Rosebud campus for the 2017 Girolami/McLoughlin Cup.

Mornington and Rosebud have been playing for the Cup since 1993 and it was great to see Tyabb’s involvement today.

All three sports (boys soccer, girls basketball and mixed touch rugby) were played with great sportsmanship and school spirit. There were many fine examples of students helping each other, laughter and a sense of comradery.

It was great to see Mrs Pauline McLoughlin (wife of Mick McLoughlin) present the Cup to the Mornington Campus.

Thank you to all staff for their organisation of the venue, the officials and the draw. Also a big thanks to all the coaches that organised the teams for the occasion.


Final Results:

Touch Football                 

Mornington  - 6 points               

Tyabb - 4 points                  

Rosebud - 2 points


Boys Soccer                       

Mornington - 6 points               

Rosebud and Tyabb - 3 points


Girls Basketball                

Rosebud - 6 points               

Mornington - 4 points      

Tyabb - 2 points


Overall Results:                

Mornington        1st           16

Rosebud              2nd          11

Tyabb                    3rd           9


Emilio Di Paolo
SIS Sports Co-ordinator | Mornington