A Message to Parents of Year 12 Students from the Principal

Year 12 students will be asked formally at Assemblies to concentrate their efforts over this coming school break and in Term 4 on their studies and final assessments. In managing this, I request that they limit their attendance at social gatherings for the next few weeks, specifically on the evenings before school days. This particularly refers to the evening of the final day of formal classes, Graduation Mass and Dinner on Tuesday 24 October, and Year 12 Celebrations on Wednesday 25 October.

As such, I seek your support in not permitting student parties to occur, and discouraging your son or daughter from attending celebrations. Once their final assessments are completed, there will be ample opportunities to celebrate the end of their school days. Far too often among our young people, we have seen the effects of risk-taking behaviour resulting in, at the least, unhappiness when the school has to take action banning students from participating in end-of-year functions or examinations at our school, or at the worst, tragic outcomes of injury and death as a result of poor decision-making. I am confident our Class of 2017 will make you as parents proud of their efforts as we have been all throughout this year.

Anthony Banks