Deputy Principal's Report


The view from the hill

At the beginning of Term 3 the metaphor of climbing the hill was given to the students to remind them that success requires commitment and sacrifice. Climbing a hill or mountain can be tough, hard yakka both in mind and in body but once the summit (achievement) has been reached the view (satisfaction of success) is appreciated with immense fulfilment knowing that the individual has reaped what they have sown.


Term Three

Brainstorm Productions gave excellent drama performances to the students on balance; resilience; choices; cyber bullying and risk taking. The Awards Assembly in Week 1 affirmed the students who had made major strides in achieving excellence and or improvement in their studies. The College Production was another huge success with students from our Campus and students who have moved on to Year 11 and 12 at Mornington featuring prominently in the cast. Subject Information Evenings were also held in Term 3, which were important in providing students and parents with advice and guidelines for course selection with post school life looming. Sport and extracurricular activities continued to provide many opportunities weekly with SIS, State Netball Championships and Interhouse Rally competitions. The Athletics Carnival was postponed until Term 4 due to no letup in the wet weather. Debating, Chess, the Book in a Day and the Spring Concert provide important opportunities in a different team mode. Year 8 enjoyed the Urban Camps, as did the Outdoor Education students who enjoyed day and overnight excursions. Our thanks to Father Mac the parish priest at St Joseph’s Sorrento who celebrated House Masses during the term. Father Mac’s relational manner and past experience in schools enabled an affinity with the students that made them feel a part of the celebration of the Eucharist. The charism of the four Houses was celebrated, remembered and reinforced.



Like all things in the world of connectivity, phones have their place. Could teenagers and adults survive without a mobile phone? Perhaps for most, hardly, phones are part of our daily fabric. Are phones addictive? Current research would suggest yes. Corporate giants across the globe spend millions of dollars on finding new ways (i.e. apps) to ensure the user becomes even more dependent or connected to devices. Can this dependency or addiction be broken? At Padua Rosebud in Term 4 there will be an attempt to break the cycle. The following four points may be of value:

 1. Meal time: no phones at the table... the art of one on one (personal) conversation is the template for real connectivity.

2. Bedrooms: no phones or other devices when it’s sleep time. They are quarantined until sunrise.

3. Wi-Fi: control (security) back to parents.

4. Apps: show an interest in the apps on the phone.

5. $$: the cost of pre-paid data will encourage selective use.

Mr Chapple’s Wood Technology students are currently making box inserts in which phones can be placed at the beginning of each lesson. This will be a trial and will require us to be committed to enforcing this change. Developing a different mindset is important. To know the outside world will not evaporate between 9.00am and 3.15pm is the challenge.

It has been a long winter. We wish all students a restful break and thank them for their service to Padua Rosebud during the term. I hope they remember that over the fortnight that mum and/or dad are still going off to work. May our staff have the opportunity for wellbeing and rest.


Wayne Smith
Deputy Principal | Head of Campus Rosebud