SIS Chess Competition 2017

On 12 September, 16 students from Padua Mornington Campus travelled to St Francis Xavier College to compete against 12 other schools in the SIS Chess Championship. Each student played 7 games in a Swiss style tournament that ranked students in order of merit as they played each game. The day was wet, but this did not dampen the determination of the competitors and the games were played in a great spirit. The overall winner was determined by the top 4 players and a very determined Nazareth College finished on top with 23 points, closely followed by St Peter’s College Cranbourne on 22 points. Padua College Mornington finished equal 6th with Berwick College on 18.5 points.

There were some notable achievements from a number of players, with our best junior player Patrick Nagle winning 4 games, and Zac Lilley, Isaac Gee, Finn Douglas and Lucas Pingiaro closely behind with commendable 3.5 points. In the seniors, we saw a wonderful effort from Joel Wills with 6 wins followed closely by chess buddy Nick Rowson with 5 wins out of a possible 7 games. It was great to see the players chat and debrief after each game in a truly peer teaching exercise where learning new chess tactics was the order of the day. The day capped off a great season of chess with a significant improvement in our ranking in the SIS Chess Championship results this year.

Christopher Haller