Outdoor Ed Camp

If it doesn’t rain it pours – The weather system surrounding the most southern tip of Australian mainland was a timely reminder of what Mother Nature can dish up.

Last week a group of 14 students base camped at Tidal River in Wilsons Promontory National Park. The strong winds and persistent rain provided a constant challenge to keep relatively warm and dry and to secure tents from blowing away. Thrown in the mix the persistent birds and wombats in search of food around dinner time.

A 20km round trip through mud, across rocks and roots, board walks partly submerged and little rivers meandering along their own path of least resistance. The debris from the stormy conditions added to the slow trek to our lunch destination. Walking out from the forest and wetland areas onto the pristine beach at Sealers Cove, with the water gently lapping against the sand and the mountain ranges encasing the bay was a spectacular sight to see and well worth the journey. A glimpse of beauty short lived as the return journey up the mountain back to Telegraph Saddle seemed a mile away.

A warm dinner back at camp with protection from the prevailing weather helped to ease the pain of tired feet and legs. A chance to reflect on a tough day on the track, a memory to look back on that will stay with us all for some time to come.

Brad Byles
Sports Co-ordinator Rosebud