Trocaire Award Winners

Benjamin Miller

Year 7 Kolbe

For his kindness and support of others. Working with a student struggling at lunchtime.


Declan Berwick, Year 12 John XXIII

For demonstrating grit and resilience.


Dana Chaya

Year 10 Mannix

For showing service to the school community through giving up her lunchtimes to help out in the Canteen.


Jarrod Klauer

Year 7 Mannix

For showing empathy and compassion towards all his peers.


Piper Johnstone

Year 7 Teresa

For her mature approach in supporting her friends.


Liam West

Year 7 McCormack

For always trying his best in his work and for working well with others.


Georgia Mills

Year 9 Romero

For representing the College superbly in multiple sporting teams, always does her personal best,

and models what it is to be a true sportswoman.


Max Fammartino

Year 9 Goold

For his outstanding performance at the Rosebud Spring Showcase.